We care about North Carolina families and communities.

We stand for fairness, equality, safety and ensuring that everyone in our great state has access to opportunities.

Cheraton’s platform focuses on three areas that are crucial in building a strong foundation for our families.

In order for our communities to thrive, we must:

  • Put public education first

    • Ensure educational equity in all public schools.
    • Provide competitive pay for teachers, administration and support staff that reaches national average
    • Support and provide incentives for training and education programs for teachers at all levels
    • At the state level, provide opportunities for funding for critical infrastructure needs (e.g. school bonds)
  • Improve access to quality healthcare

    • Expand Medicaid
    • Boost economy and healthcare jobs through expanding healthcare access to hundreds of thousands in NC
    • Advocate for children and individuals with special needs
    • Support the Affordable Care Act that provides comprehensive health care benefits including preventive, maternity and mental illness care
    • Partner with healthcare professionals, families, communities to address critical needs
  • Establish a sustainable workforce

    • Advocate for employee work protections and promote a living wage in NC
    • Partner with community colleges, vocational training, universities, community leaders, businesses and families to ensure adults and students are exposed to a variety of career pathways
    • Promote apprenticeships and workforce readiness programs
    • Look for successful models in NC and other states to learn best practices in preparing our workforce

Please share your ideas and thoughts and let’s work together for the benefit of North Carolinians.

2 comments on “Issues”

  1. I hope you’ll consider adding this to your platform:
    Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to ensure that women have constitutional protection.


    1. Thanks for your feedback, Robbie. I completely agree with you. My values are always the foundation of my campaign including addressing equality and equity. I will continue to watch the work of you and others on the ERA and I will support this constitutional protection for women.


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