Finding Common Ground

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I am running to support North Carolina families. In these times that often feel divisive, I want us to consider the issues that we all care about: educating our youth, ensuring access for all to quality healthcare and having a skilled workforce. Last year, I recorded a StoryCorps interview with my father-in-law, Jim White, about what we want for the future. He and I come from different political party affiliations but we’ve always respected each other’s perspectives. We had an unexpected opportunity for our interview to not only be developed into an animation but to talk about why we will always put family over politics on Good Morning America on Sept 27.

I believe that we can get back to caring for one another. It will be a long and hard road but it starts with truly listening to someone else’s point of view and finding a way to move toward a solution. We can do this. Together.

The StoryCorps interview:


Our appearance on Good Morning America:




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